2M Smokehouse – Best BBQ in San Antonio

2M Smokehouse Review

Address: 2731 S WW White Rd, San Antonio, TX 78222

2M Smokehouse – Best BBQ in San Antonio

I’ve had BBQ all over the US, from burnt ends in Kansas City to chopped pork in North Carolina to Brisket in Texas. I always thought I didn’t care for brisket until I moved to Texas.  Then I had a wet brisket. We’ve been to almost all of the famous BBQ spots in and around the Austin area including the chains. After about a year of living here, I thought we had established a bar that wouldn’t be surpassed. A friend in our building said “Have you been to 2M? It blows any BBQ you’ve had out of the water.”

For a few months, I had been reading about this BBQ joint in San Antonio that’s only open 4 days a week from 11-4 (or until sold out). We attempted to take visitors there but being 2M newbs, we didn’t make it that day before they sold out. Still, I had made a smoked meat-based promise and I wouldn’t hear the end of it until that promise was fulfilled. When we got there, It was a Sunday in November and it was raining and cold, well, cold for Texas. We arrived about 10 minutes before opening and there was a small line starting to form despite the wet weather. 2M: Best BBQ in San Antonio? Here’s our review.

What We Ate

2M BBQ Platter Review
2M Review: What We Ate

In the entrance, there is a hallway scattered with a few tables here and then. Along the wall there is a long chalkboard, CLEARLY stating the house rules and if you don’t adhere to them, they will let you know. Respect. When you reach the counter, the first gentleman will portion out your meat, the next person doles out the sides and the third rings you up. Three people, that’s it. Three people, cause there is no chance one more ass could fit back behind that tiny counter. This is a well-oiled machine. It is at this point that the house rules really come into play, those with food get to sit. During our first visit, we ate in the screened-in outdoor space. If you live in Texas you’ll know why I specifically called out the fact that this patio is screened in.

We settled on what we thought was a modest menu for two: 1/4 lb pulled pork, 1/4 lb brisket, 3 pork ribs, 1 Oaxaca cheese, and Serrano sausage and a side of chicharrones macaroni. A BBQ joint in Texas would be remiss if they didn’t offer the usual accouterments of foamy, white store-bought bread and some sort of pickled item on the side. My BBQ companion was impressed at the offering of potato bread and house-made pickles and onions. Everything we ate was exceptional; Melt in your mouth tender BBQ that would make even Ron Swanson bow down to these meat masters.  This had become our new bar.

Repeat Customer

Alright Fam, we went on a Sunday last time so there was really no question that we would be going back to try the giant $30 beef rib on a Saturday. And boy did we try it. I told my mom, who was in from out of town to put her meat pants on. It fed three of us along with some brisket sausage and some chicharron macaroni. Since writing this post, we’ve been 2M a handful of times, with family and friends, we all agree,  2M: Best BBQ in San Antonio.  Are you interested in other San Antonio BBQ joints? Check out our other article, Best Barbecue In San Antonio Texas.

Final Thoughts & Conclusion

If you are going to eat any decent BBQ in Texas, be prepared to put a Texas-sized hole in your wallet. This cost is completely justified when you understand what kind of care goes into the preparation of this meat. I read that they sleep overnight on a mattress they got from “their mattress guy”/ landlord in the adjacent building and they were marked down on their health audit score because of it.  The motto inscribed on the front of the building is “Barbecue con Ganas” (with desire) but you have to have the heart to make food that people desire and these guys put love into every single last detail of this establishment.

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