Best Beer Gardens in SATX

Beer Gardens in San Antonio, TX

Burleson Beer Garden

Address: 430 Austin St, San Antonio, TX 78215

A local favorite & a consistent meetup location for bike riders in San Antonio. Burleson Beer Garden is located just north of downtown under Rt. 281. They serve numerous beers on tap, cocktails and other drinks. This place is great for large groups that need ample seating indoors or outdoors. Our bike group meets up here almost weekly, Emily & I go to this beer garden often. It has a great vibe and many locals to meet. The beer selection is pretty good, as well as the service. It’s close enough to downtown to talk, but I would highly recommend some form of transportation, scooter, bike or a car.

Cherrity Bar

Address: 302 Montana St, San Antonio, TX 78203

Cherrity Bar is one of the most unique bars in SATX because of its overall mission to give profits to Charity. Cherrity Bar is located on the corner of Montana St and Cherry St. hence the play on words with Charity and Cherry St. It’s a nice beer garden with great outdoor seating and a decent selection of beers + cocktails. Cherrity Bar is a quick stroll from Hemisfair Park, and it’s a popular spot before and after football games, conferences, and other large events. Another thing that sets Cherrity Bar apart from other beer gardens, is that they have amazing food. Since Cherrity Bar has the same owner as Kimura (Ramen Bar), they also serve a similar style menu, though it’s been expanded a lot. Cherrity Bar also hosts a game night, BBQ fest and live music.

The Friendly Spot

Address: 943 S Alamo St, San Antonio, TX 78205

If you can’t afford to get Spurs tickets, The Friendly Spot is the next closest thing. With a huge beer selection on tap, outdoor seating and small bites if you’re hungry. This bar is one of the best local hangouts, mostly outdoor seating though. If you’ve been in San Antonio for the summer, you know it’s not pretty. Even at night, it can reach 95F, but that just means you have to drink more ice-cold beer, which The Friendly Spot has plenty of. The Friendly Spot serves all of the local beer favorites from the microbreweries in the area, as well as out of state brews. Oh yeah, they also have a playground if you have kids and it’s a dog-friendly beer garden!

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