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Best Brew Pubs in San Antonio TX (SATX)

Kunstler Brewing

Address: 302 E Lachapelle, San Antonio, TX 78204

Kunstler has been around for a few years as of the writing of this article, and it’s quickly become one of our favorite breweries in SATX. It’s located just south of downtown SATX in an area locally known as ‘Southtown’ or more recently ‘Lonestar’ District, I think it’s some sort of rebranding effort. Kunstler Brewing has an amazing selection of beers, my personal favorite ‘St. Chapelle‘. Try a flight, then go back for your favorite, this place makes some of the best beers in SATX. They also serve food like sandwiches, giant pretzels, and other small plate options. Kunstler Brewing has ample seating, indoors & outdoors, although parking can be a pain since it’s mostly street parking. We usually just bike to Kunstler Brewing, they give discounts for bikers!

Roadmap Brewing Co.

Address: 723 N Alamo St, San Antonio, TX 78215

One of the newest breweries in SATX, Roadmap Brewing Co. has quickly become a staple in the downtown area. Just head north of Broadway St, Roadmap Brewing Co. is nestled smack in the middle between the Pearl and downtown. My personal favorite from Roadmap Brewing Co. is a beer called, Peyton Manning’s Forehead, a juicy IPA you’re going to love if you’re into IPAs. Roadmap Brewing Co. has ample seating and a decent size parking lot across the street from the brewery. The brewery is close enough to downtown to walk (maybe not in the summer) or you could Uber there for about 5 dollars from downtown SATX.

Dorćol Distilling & Brewing Company

Address: 1902 S Flores St, San Antonio, TX 78204

Dorćol Distilling & Brewing Company is unique in SATX as you can tell by their name, they brew beer and distill spirits. Dorcol ‘brewstillery’ is located in the Lonestar District, just south of downtown SATX. I recommend HighWheel 56, a great IPA that Dorcol brews all year round. Dorćol Distilling & Brewing Company also prides itself on making some of the best cocktails in San Antonio using their amazing ‘Rakia’, a super smooth brandy distilled from apricot. The only downside to Dorćol Distilling & Brewing Company is the lack of parking (all street parking), so I would highly suggest just Uber to Dorćol so you an enjoy your drinks responsibly. Dorćol Distilling & Brewing Company also hosts numerous events and live music regularly, so check them out on social media to get the latest happenings. Dorćol Distilling & Brewing Company is truly one of the best-hidden gems in all of San Antonio, Texas. Highly recommended.

Freetail Brewing Company: Hang With a Local.

Address: 2000 S Presa St, San Antonio, TX 78210

If San Antonio was a brewery, it would be called Freetail Brewing Company. This brewery embodies San Antonio when I think of the city. The main brewery is located in Southtown (obviously) and serves award-winning beer to the SATX masses, locals and travelers alike. You have to make your way south of downtown SATX and cross the railroad tracks to get some amazing beers brewed by Freetail Brewing Company, it’s well worth the bike, Uber or drive. Anytime you go to Freetail Brewing Company, you’ll meet a local and probably a friend. They make a very popular German-style lager called ‘Bat Outta Helles‘ that’s really good, but my personal favorite is a seasonal beer called La Muerta Imperial Stout.

Back Unturned Brewing Co.

Address: 516 Brooklyn Ave, San Antonio, TX 78215

One of the newest breweries to open in downtown SATX (opened late 2019), Back Unturned Brewing Co. is a short walk from the Alamo to get your locally brewed beer. Back Unturned Brewing Co. also offers chef-inspired food to go along with their ever-expanding beer selection. Emily & I went there for their opening week and was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the beer. We’ve been to many, many, many microbreweries (over 200) and we often find beers that shouldn’t have been bottled and sold. So when we went to Back Unturned Brewing Co. and tasted how polished each beer was, it was refreshing, to say the least. This brewery has great vibes, close to downtown and friendly staff, we definitely recommend it if you’re close to downtown and looking for a pint.

Ranger Creek Brewing & Distilling

Address: 4834 Whirlwind Dr, San Antonio, TX 78217

Located north of downtown heading on I35, Ranger Creek Brewing & Distilling is a local favorite and has been around since 2010. Ranger Creek is an award-winning brewery with numerous seasonal beers, as well as their amazing selection of whiskeys. Ranger Creek is definitely a small batch and family-operated brewerstilery that offers some of the best beers in SATX and has gotten national attention for their locally made whiskey. Ranger Creek Brewing & Distilling is a ways from downtown, so walking or scootering is not really an option. You’ll need a vehicle or Uber to get to their location in an industrial park. They offer a brew tour that’s 2 hours long and they’ll give you a flight of whiskey at the end, so it’s worth it. But if you’ve been to one whiskey tour, you’ve pretty much been to all of them.

Blue Star Brewing Company

Address: 1414 S Alamo St #105, San Antonio, TX 78210

Located just minutes from downtown, Blue Star Brewing Company is a popular destination for beer lovers in Southtown. Ample outdoors and indoor seating makes this place great for large groups, and the Blue Star complex has plenty of parking on a weekday (iffy on the weekends). One of my favorite from Blue Star Brewing is their beer cocktail called Southtown Mule, a sour beer (Southtown Sour), lime and ginger beer. I actually prefer to drink the beer cocktails over the normal beer. They also serve flights if you want to try them all.

Busted Sandal Brewing Company

Address: 7114 Oaklawn Dr, San Antonio, TX 78229

I’ve spent way too many nights at Busted Sandal Brewing Company with friends, good thing it’s not that close to my house. They have great beers but my favorite is the Slippery Rock IPA, “a smooth, balanced beer with an assertive citrusy hop profile, a touch of caramel sweetness and color, and an appropriate malt backbone to support it“. The brewery itself isn’t big, but they are renovating the place to seat more people when that’s done it should be fine for larger crowds.

Alamo Beer Company

Address: 202 Lamar, San Antonio, TX 78202

Alamo Beer Company is great for large crowds, huge parking lot and a great view of the city. We’ve been to numerous events at the Alamo Beer and they’ve all been fun and well organized. Alamo Beer Company often has live music and on Thursdays is Beer, Bacon & Bingo (free). Bingo and bacon are free, but you gotta pay for the beer, it’s fair. Alamo Beer Company has a very active schedule, so check out their calendar is you want to catch some tunes or an event they are sponsoring. If you’re visiting SATX, this is a must-do on your list, assuming beer is your thing.

Southerleigh Brewing Company

Address: 136 E Grayson St #120, San Antonio, TX 78215

The actual brewery that’s at the Pearl Brewery is Southerleigh Brewing Company. This brewery is just as much as a great restaurant as it is a great brewery. When we first moved to Texas, Emily and I biked to the Pearl one evening (omg we were sweating, Texas summer ya’ll) and ended up having a flight of beer at Southerleigh Brewing Company, and we’ve been going back ever since. They have great seasonal beers and a few year-round favorites. This place gets really busy at night, so if you’re just there for the beer, better off hitting the huge bar that they have to get seated right away. They also have a lot of seating outdoors, on a nice Texas day.

Honorable Mention

Middleton Brewing

Address: 101 Oakwood Loop, San Marcos, TX 78666

So technically Middleton Brewing is in San Marcos, which is north of SATX. But this brewery is great, so I thought it was worth mentioning on this list. We meet our friends from Austin at Middleton Brewing often because it’s a nice halfway in between the two cities. Aside from their amazing selection of beers, Middleton Brewing is dog-friendly! They encourage you to bring your furry friend to lounge around. We often find dogs unleashed going from table to table just getting pets all day. If you’re looking for a wide selection of beers and also a dog-friendly brewery, Middleton Brewing is your place. Just be prepared to drive a little bit from downtown SATX.

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