Best Coffee Shops in San Antonio Texas

Estate Coffee Company

Location: 1320 E Houston St A101, San Antonio, TX 78205

Located on the intersection of Cherry St. and E. Houston, Estate Coffee Company is a cozy little coffee shop serving some of the best coffee in SATX. The coffee shop has a cool vintage feel, friendly staff, and is one of our go-to coffee shops in San Antonio. Estate Coffee Company deals primarily with family-owned single-origin coffee and serves great cups in a quiet environment. We often find ourselves at Estate Coffee during the weekdays to get some work done and there’s no issue getting a seat. However, seating on the weekends can be tricky, especially when Wild Barley (a great food truck) shows up to serve some amazing bagels. There’s plenty of parking on the side of Estate Coffee, but it’s close enough to downtown SATX that we often bike there when the weather permits.

Merit Coffee (Local Coffee)


Merit Coffee (Local Coffee) – Pearl Brewery Location

Merit Coffee (Local Coffee) has numerous locations around San Antonio, but the two closest locations are in the Pearl District and north on Broadway. Both locations are great if you just want a nice cup of coffee, get on free wi-fi or do some work in peace and quiet.

Rosella Coffee

Locations: Rosella At the Rand (Downtown SA) | Rosella Coffee

Rosella Coffee - Downtown Location
Rosella Coffee – Downtown Location

Rosella has two great locations, one in the heart of downtown SATX and the other just slightly north of downtown. Both locations offer great coffee, snacks, and freshly made food right on the premise. Rosella Coffee doesn’t only serve coffee, I’ve also had made to order cocktails during Happy Hour at Rosella at the Rand. Huge seating and comfortable lounges make this coffee shop great for business meetings or just hanging out with friends. As with any downtown SATX establishment, parking can cause an issue during peak times, but there’s plenty of paid public parking, as well as free street parking if you know where to look.

Halcyon Southtown

Location: 1414 S Alamo St, San Antonio, TX 78210

Halcyon has numerous locations between San Antonio, Austin, and Dallas. I’ve been to the SATX and Austin location, both are great. Halcyon offers great coffee, cocktails, and a chill atmosphere. I would definitely recommend Halcyon in Southtown SATX, it’s literally right off the River Walk and can be a nice little exercise if you’re looking to get that morning coffee fix. If you’re downtown SA, just hop on the riverwalk and head South, it’s about 15 minutes walk. If you happen to be in SATX on a weekend, check out Halcyon’s brunch, it’s really good. Seating can be an issue, the place looks huge on the outside, but it shares its space with Halcyon’s sister restaurant called Stella Public House which serves pizza and beer. Get there early on the weekends and seating shouldn’t be an issue, there’s plenty of parking at the Blue Star complex if you’re driving.

CommonWealth Coffeehouse & Bakery

Locations: 611 Hemisfair Blvd. San Antonio, Tx 78205 | Multiple Locations

CommonWealth Coffeehouse & Bakery has numerous locations across San Antonio, Texas. My favorite location is the one in Hemisfair in downtown SATX. I’ve never had a bad cup of coffee or breakfast at the location. It’s within walking distance of where I live and it’s worth the visit if you’re close to downtown. If you’re particularly hungry, they have a nice breakfast + pastry selection and all food is made to order (except the bread of course). It’s also a great place for meetings or working remotely since you have access to coffee for the entire day. I’ve spent hours in CommonWealth Coffeehouse & Bakery, and the staff is always courteous and friendly.

What’s Brewing: SA Coffee Roasters

Location: 138 West Rhapsody San Antonio, TX 78216

What’s Brewing: SA Coffee Roasters has been around for 40+ years, located just north of downtown SATX, this place awesome! Aside from their freshly roasted coffee (on-site), they also have a great collection of pinball machines that you can play. What’s Brewing: SA Coffee Roasters has a huge loyal following here in San Antonio, you can find them at their brick and mortar location just off Route 281 North or you can head to the Pearl Brewery and they have a pop-up tent serving delicious coffee almost all day on the Saturday Pearl’s Farmer’s Market.

Sip Coffee & Expresso Bar

Location: 160 E Houston San Antonio, TX 78205

One of the few specialty coffee shops downtown SATX that’s not a major chain. Sip Coffee & Expresso Bar has a great view of the downtown streets of SATX and relaxing atmosphere. Admittedly, I’ve only been to Sip 2 or 3 times, each time was for a job interview. If you’re staying at a hotel downtown and looking for a nice little coffee shop that’s not Starbucks, check out Sip Coffee & Expresso Bar.

Folklores Coffee House

Location: 5009 S Flores St, San Antonio, TX 78214

The first coffee shop on the Southside of SATX, this place is great! Located just on South Flores St, you might miss this non-descript building if you’re not paying attention. The coffee shop itself is small and has 3 different stores inside, one for CBD and the other is a San Antonio based gift shop. So you can get a cup of coffee, some CBD oil and a SATX hat all in one trip, it’s a win-win for everyone. This is the only coffee shop in SATX that I know of that will add CBD to your coffee or espresso if you’re into that kind of thing. I had a CBD coffee while I was there, no funky aftertaste, just good coffee.

Revolucion Coffee + Juice

Location: 300 E Houston St #105, San Antonio, TX 78205

Revolucion Coffee + Juice located in the heart of downtown San Antonio, a cozy little coffee shop serving the best value for a taco + coffee you will find downtown, for only 5 dollars. Trust me, I’ve worked downtown for over 4 years, 5 bucks for a taco and coffee is a good deal. Revolucion Coffee + Juice is located directly across the street from La Panaderia and a 5-minute walk from the Alamo.

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