Bird Bakery Review by a Local Yolk(el)

Address: 5912 Broadway St, San Antonio, TX 78209

Located in a strip mall in southern Alamo Heights, Bird Bakery has established itself as a community staple. This is my honest Bird Bakery review. I first heard about it from a colleague who brought cupcakes into the office. After a few hours of pacing around the apartment being hangry and dreading the thought of  yogurt 6 mornings in a row, I finally exhausted myself enough to break down and say, “let’s go somewhere.” We normally ride our bikes everywhere in this town but I was reaching rage status and needed to eat something before I went full-on Pulp Fiction.

If you are going on a busy day, good luck finding parking. You could always park across the street and then play a dangerous game of frogger as many do after grabbing their morning cup at Local Coffee. Luckily we went on a Thursday morning. When you walk in, this space is warm and inviting. It’s well-executed and there is ample seating. It’s filled with little nick-nacks and its decoration for the holiday season was comforting in this season-less Texas hell-scape of a climate.

Bird Bakery Review by a Local Yolk(el)

I’ve had Bird bakery before, they have excellent cupcakes which are clearly their pride and joy. Bird bakery has been successful for 7 years but you have to be multi-faceted in a town with a rapidly exploding culinary scene like San Antonio. I don’t know how often they change their menu items but maybe its time for a shuffle on the breakfast menu.

What We Ate

Let’s get the bad news out of the way first, shall we? I was not impressed by my breakfast sandwich. On the breakfast menu, it just reads “Breakfast Sandwich” with no explanation of what that entails. Seeing as how their lunch menu has a detailed description of the multiple offerings they have to choose from, I found this odd. At the checkout counter, they asked me what kind of egg and I ordered over-easy. Boy, was that a mistake! If I had known this would just consist of avocado, bacon, tomato, and cheese on an English muffin I would have ordered something else. It was bland and messy.

I love a good runny egg yolk but by the time I took the second bite, I had yolk all over my hands. There was no fork or knife in sight to signal that I had made this fatal error eating it with my hands. So there I was sitting there with both hands covered in yolk trying to rescue every last bit I could, licking my hands and fingers like an uncultured idiot. I took my egg covered hands pointing upwards like you see when doctors scrub in and walked over to the bathroom.

After a confusing fight with the bathroom doorknob, I was able to woefully wash the remaining yolk off my hand and then dry my hands in an awkwardly high mounted hand dryer (conveniently located next to a tea towel on a hanger asking you to use the hand dryer). Getting back to the task at hand, the food. Served on a nice fluffy bakery bun with aioli or a nice bright sauce this sandwich would be elevated to the next level.

After my bathroom buffoonery, I was graciously given a piece of the popover my boyfriend ordered. I’ll be honest, popovers intimidate the hell out of me. Making them is science so specific that many amateur bakers like me would cowl at the mere idea. I’m pleased to say, the pop-over exceeded my expectations. This item isn’t on their online menu but if it’s not a regular menu item, it should be. This meat-filled morsel was delightfully light while also managing to be rich and buttery. At first, I was kind of put off by the size of the popover in relation to the price but after having a piece, I understood that something with that much care put into it should be priced a bit higher.

Final Thoughts

Over all, I thought it was a bit pricy for what we got. However, I think the void Bird Bakery fills in that area of town more than makes up for the  Since I already knew of Bird Bakery’s existence, I didn’t do a ton of research. It wasn’t until writing this review that I learned that Bird Bakery was started by Elizabeth Chambers and her husband Armie Hammer. Reading the background story, I found it fascinating why a couple based in LA would choose to open a shop in San Antonio. I can respect the love and care that went into starting this bakery in a town that is special to its owners.

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