Boss Bagel Review – Putting the Bae in Bagel

Boss Bagel (San Antonio)How We Got There

Address: 6458 N New Braunfels Ave, San Antonio, TX 78209

In San Antonio, it’s not like there is an overwhelming amount of bagel shops on every corner. In fact, here, the breakfast taco is king. Ask any native San Antonian and they’ll give you 5 places within 10 square blocks to find breakfast tacos. Appropriately named, Boss Bagels is a breath of fresh air in a land of grease sodden tortillas and the illustrious bean and egg taco. We made the trip to Boss Bagels after our weekly trip to the Pearl Farmer’s market about 2 or 3 weeks after they opened. The line was out the door and continued deep into the bowels of the small shop. The way this shop was set up indicated to me that this strip mall unit did not previously house a food vendor nor was it built to do so.

Boss Bagel Review: Putting the Bae in Bagel

The flow of the line was very awkward. Upon entering the shop there were a few tables on the left. The line flowed through the middle of the unit with entry and exit in the same door. On your right two girls were cutting and shaping bagels at a little station and behind them stood a bagel boiler, massive mixer, and wood fire grill. As you go deeper into the shop all the action shifts to the left side where you find the barista counter, the cashier’s stand, and the display cases. There’s not a lot of room to sit in the shop and at the time there wasn’t a lot of room to stand and wait for your order either. There was nowhere you could go without feeling in the way.

Boss Bagel – Waiting Line

What We Ate

Fam, I wouldn’t recommend this place unless it was legit. We ordered 2 bagels but an accidental schmear mixup ended us up with 3. Hey, I’m not complaining. We ended up with the following: double dutch chocolate with maple Texas pecan schmear, onion bagel with white truffle parm schmear, onion bagel, and roasted garlic schmear. I’ve never had a wood-fired bagel before so I can’t really compare it. I can say that it tastes exactly how a bagel and schmear should taste.

The bread to schmear ratios was perfect. There was a plentiful amount of schmear but the bagel itself was soft enough that when you bit down into it, all of  schmear didn’t come sliding out of the sides. To quote my bagel connoisseur friends to the north, “It was like butta”. I know its called Boss Bagel but the star of the show here is really the schmear both in how many varieties are offered and the quality of the product itself.

Final Thoughts & Conclusion

For as labor-intensive as the bagels themselves are, they are relatively inexpensive. Look away, however, and you’ll find yourself spending $10 on schmear alone. I attribute the high price tag of schmear to the quality of ingredients used. Overall the food and the wait justified the hype. When we find our way back there, I’ll be trying a sandwich. The customer service was also top-notch. Even with a line out the door, and space clearly not equipped to handle that many bodies, the aforementioned schmear mix up was handled how it should have been. I hate food waste, seriously its a huge pet peeve of mine.

She could have easily tossed the bagel in the trash after realizing that she grabbed the wrong spread but her willingness to give us the mistake bagel is an important lesson. This simple action teaches you not only about how much that establishment values the food they produce and but also how much they value their patrons. It gave us the chance to try another type of schmear and increased the probability that I would return as a customer.

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