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San Antonio TX (SATX) Attractions for Families

With over 200 days of sunshine in SATX, there’s a lot of attractions geared outside that are family-friendly. Here’s a list of attractions you should visit while you’re in SATX. This list tries to gear towards free things to do in San Antonio with kids and families in San Antonio, with the exception of a couple of suggestions like the Witte Museum and The Doseum (these also have free days), but pretty much everything is free to do.

Hemisfair (at night) & Yanaguana Garden

You can’t miss the giant needle-like tower hovering over San Antonio, the Hemisfair is a great to place to bring your kids during the day, but also try it out at night. Things look very different when night falls, Hemisfair is a beautiful area to walk around in the evening. Going up the big tower isn’t free, but you can certainly walk the grounds completely free.

Within minutes of walking distance from Hemisfair, Yanaguana Garden is another great place to let your kids play. There’s no charge Yanaguana Garden and it’s within walking distance from food and drinks from places like Dough (pizza restaurant) and many more choices in Southtown, SATX.

The Pearl Brewery

The Pearl Brewery is a very popular destination for locals and tourists alike. The brewery itself doesn’t actually make any more beer and it hasn’t for years now, but you can visit Southerleigh Brewing located at the heart of the Pearl. There’s a large open area for kids to play and a splash pad to cool down in the muggy summer heat of San Antonio. There are numerous restaurants to choose from including the Bottling Department, a family-friendly food hall.

Japanese Tea Garden

Japanese Tea Garden Koi Fish
Japanese Tea Garden Koi Fish

Visit the San Antonio, Japanese Tea Garden and enjoy an afternoon watching the large Koi fish pond. The Japenese Tea Garden is a very busy location, from wedding & engagement photos to travelers coming from the San Antonio Zoo. Parking is always a hassle if you go on the weekends, so get there early, you’ll thank me later. There’s a small shop Japanese Tea Garden that sells snacks and memorabilia, don’t forget to check that out.

Witte Museum ( sometimes free )

Witte Museum
Witte Museumphoto by The Witte Museum

Witte Museum is a great family-friendly activity, though you have to pay to get in. It’s the only museum of its kind here in San Antonio it covers the natural history of the Hill Country and Texas heritage. They also have a cool Science tree house where kids can learn and play with activities geared towards learning more about the human body. Next door to the Natural History Museum is the South Texas Heritage Center where it covers South Texas traditions and history. Only one ticket is per person is required to visit both exhibits. Witte Museum has a free entry at certain times of the week, check their website for details.

The Doseum (sometimes free*)

Large 2-story museum geared for kids and family. If you have little ones, and looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the San Antonio River Walk, check out The Doseum. Located just north of downtown, the museum can be easily accessed just by heading north on Broadway, after a 10-15 minute drive. The Doseum always has special offers, so check out their website before you pay full price.

The DoSeum, San Antonio’s museum for kids,  serves as a “charging station” to power up kids’ minds through play. Our exhibits and programs promote joyful learning, invite discovery, spark interest, and develop positive attitudes towards learning across critical content areas – including STEM, the arts, and literacy.

The Doseum – Mission & Vision

* Free Family Nights is brought to you by H-E-B and Community First Health Plans. This event is every first Tuesday of the month from 5:30 to 7:30 PM

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