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The Art Of Donut Review: Donut Kill My Vibe

The Art Of Donut Review: How We Got There

Address: 3428 N St Mary’s St, San Antonio, TX 78212

On Saturdays, we get pink Donuts. When I moved here, I noticed a donut-shaped hole in the cities donut offerings. Go to any corner bakery in San Antonio and you’ll find a wide array of kolaches, breakfast tacos and conchas (made fresh by the Abuela down the street) but no artisan donuts could be found. Naturally, when I found out that a donut food truck was getting a brick and mortar location, there was never any question that I would be paying a visit.  Luckily, Art of the Donut, a gourmet donut shop San Antonio was set to open. One Saturday after a weekly trip to the Pearl Farmer’s market we made our way up to out donut destiny. Donut worry, I’ll tell you all about The Art of Donut in this review.

What We Ate

I have a high bar when it comes to donuts. I don’t believe you have to be a cake vs yeast donut kind of person, I like both and I try to evaluate both separately. We ordered Blackberry Lime, What the French Toast, Chipmunk, Sweet Pig, and a brioche. All of these happen to be yeast donuts and packed the flavor in the topping with a slight crunch and a pillowy center. The menu for the day was written out on butcher paper, complete with the explanation, which is great for a rotating menu. The counter is right at the front when you enter and the flow makes sense for space. Seating can be an issue when it’s busy since there’s not a lot of space inside The Art Of Donut, we often buy our donuts to go and eat it elsewhere.

Repeat Customer

Since our first review, we’ve visited Art of the Donut a few more times and they always have something new and different on the donut menu. The Art Of Donut is a great place to take your friends and family when introducing them to San Antonio, not to mention it’s within a 5-minute drive from the San Antonio Zoo and The Japanese Tea Garden.

Final Thoughts & Conclusion

I can confidently say this is the best donut we’ve had in San Antonio. The service is quick and polite. There are some tables and lounge chairs inside as well as some tables and chairs outside where you can sit and leisurely enjoy your coffee and donut. The decor is cute and you have to take a quintessential picture with the “Donut kill my vibe sign”. Considering that the donuts are large, and there is nothing else comparable in the area, the price point is appropriate.

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